The 4 Bank of America Branches Closing in Florida – Full List

Recently, numerous bank branches across the United States, including both major institutions like Bank of America and smaller banks, have been shuttering. This article explores the reasons behind these closures, their impact on communities, and details specific branch closures in Florida.

Shifting Habits

People’s banking habits are evolving, with a growing preference for online banking over visiting physical branches. This trend has accelerated significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bank of America is making substantial investments in online banking to align with this shifting demand. By prioritizing digital services, banks can reduce costs associated with operating physical branches and staffing.

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Impact on Communities

Closing branches may save banks money, but it has a significant impact on communities. When branches shut down, it can create “banking deserts” in low-income, rural, and urban areas. In these locations, residents may not have convenient access to online banking services.

This situation disproportionately affects people of color and immigrants, who already encounter barriers to accessing banking services. With nearby branches closing, they often must travel long distances for in-person assistance, posing challenges especially if they lack reliable transportation.

Florida Closures

Several Bank of America branches in Florida are scheduled to close starting in June 2024. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) mandates that banks notify the public 90 days in advance of closures. Below are the branches slated for closure:

Branch AddressClosure Date
50 North Laura Street, JacksonvilleJune 2024
21060 Saint Andrews Boulevard, Boca RatonJune 2024
19645 Biscayne Boulevard, AventuraJune 2024
1200 West Osceola Parkway, KissimmeeJune 2024
1827 North Military Trail West, Palm BeachAugust 2024

Broader Trend

Bank of America isn’t the sole bank closing branches. Other major banks such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and Citibank are also reducing their branch networks. This shift towards online banking raises concerns about equitable access to banking services.

Banking Deserts

Branch closures contribute to the creation of banking deserts. In regions with limited or no internet access, physical branches are crucial for banking services. Their absence complicates routine financial tasks, making it challenging for residents to manage their finances and exacerbating inequalities in these areas.

Digital Divide

Not everyone has convenient internet access. In numerous rural and low-income areas, internet service is unreliable or unavailable altogether. For residents in these regions, online banking is not feasible. This digital divide highlights disparities where some can easily transition to online services while others cannot.

Moving Forward

As banks continue to close branches and encourage online banking, addressing these issues becomes essential. Ensuring reliable internet access and promoting digital banking accessibility for all is crucial. Banks should also provide support for individuals who are unable to transition to online banking, potentially through mobile branches or collaborations with local organizations.

While closing branches may be logical for banks, it’s crucial to mitigate the adverse impacts on communities that rely on these services. Ensuring equitable access to banking should be a primary concern.


Why are banks closing their branches?

Banks are closing branches due to the increasing adoption of online banking, which allows them to reduce costs.

How do branch closures affect communities?

Branch closures can lead to the creation of banking deserts, particularly impacting low-income and rural areas by limiting access to essential banking services.

Which Bank of America branches in Florida are closing?

Starting in June 2024, Bank of America branches in Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Aventura, Kissimmee, and Palm Beach will be closing.

What are banking deserts?

Banking deserts refer to areas lacking nearby bank branches, making it challenging for residents to access in-person banking services.

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