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Chapter 7 - Various VT Laws Dealing With Animals

New Animal Laws Passed In 2004

Changes to Title 13 with the passage of S100 will make sweeping, positive changes to the current criminal animal cruelty statute. The new aggravated animal cruelty provision will allow for felony charges even if the animal does not die from its injuries. For the first time, minimum living space requirements are defined for permanently confined cats. In addition, the forfeiture procedure was revised to mandate a hearing within 21 days after proceedings are instituted. Other important measures include doubling the minimum tether size for dogs, requiring at least an hour of daily exercise, and better defining adequate food, water and shelter for animals. The new language was incorporated into the 2004 updates to Chapter 7. To see the full text of the new law, go to:

Changes to Title 20, Chapter 193 were made with the passage of H 772, which will create a subsidy program to enable low-income households to spay or neuter their pets. Through a mandatory $2 surcharge on dog licensing fees, a special fund will be administered by the Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets, and will allow veterinarians to receive reimbursement for this voluntary service. The bill also allows for the administration of an approved 3-year rabies vaccine. The new language was incorporated into the 2004 updates to Chapter 7. Full text of the new law can be found in section 37 of the Fees Bill (H 772) at:

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