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VACTF Manual: Chapter 3 - Investigating an Animal Cruelty Complaint

Animals - Unable To Remove Easily (Large Numbers of Animals/Large Animals)

There may be situations where it is difficult to remove the animals easily - there are too many, they are big farm animals, circus animals, or you suspect there may be more animals that are hidden from your view. For information and suggestions on how to handle this situation, see pg 271 in Appendix IV, Fact Sheets and Handouts, "Animal Hoarders Fact Sheet" and Shelter Sense reprint from May/June 1994 (loose) on animal collectors.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some cases, especially where many animals are involved, some animals may appear more neglected than others. Nevertheless, all the animals should be seized, if possible, because the conditions in which the animals are being kept are causing the problem. And it is usually only a matter of time before the healthier ones will be in bad shape as well.

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