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Official Rescues Chained Calf

Posted on Aug 22, 2008 - 2:24 PM
Official rescues chained calf

August 7, 2008

By SANDI SWITZER Herald Correspondent
Rutland Herald

WALLINGFORD A Jersey calf has a new home after being rescued by a town official who found the animal in dire condition without food or water.

Fire Warden David Gilman discovered the 4-week-old calf chained to the corner of a building at the end of Butterworth Lane in East Wallingford.

Gilman indicated he was investigating a burn-permit complaint when he spotted the animal attached to the building by a 3-foot chain with "no food or water."

Law enforcement agencies were contacted, but offered no assistance, according to Gilman. "Basically, it was starving to death," he said.

Gilman also contacted town animal control officer Ben Morgan to request permission to remove the animal.

The fire warden detailed his findings to the Wallingford Select Board at a meeting earlier this week. Gilman explained he had been bottle feeding the calf and its condition had improved.

"He's eating good and getting some color," he said.

Morgan told board members he discovered during his investigation into the matter the calf was owned by a woman who lived on Plain Street in Rutland City.

The woman was ordered by city officials to relocate the animal outside city limits and the calf was brought to Wallingford in mid-July, according to Morgan.

The animal control officer said the Rutland County Sheriff's Department had indicated it was a Vermont State Police matter, and he said the state police offered no assistance.

"You can't get an answer from either department," Morgan said.

The Rutland City woman was informed the matter would be discussed at the Wallingford Select Board meeting, he said. However, no one claiming the animal was in attendance.

Morgan and Gilman indicated a Wallingford farmer who offered some assistance after the calf was rescued would be willing to take the animal.

The Select Board unanimously agreed the Rutland City resident had relinquished her rights to the animal by not attending the meeting, and they voted to give the calf to the farmer.

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