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Dog with Broken Leg Removed from Home

Posted on Aug 6, 2008 - 9:53 AM
Rutland Herald
Article published Aug 6, 2008
Dog with broken leg removed from home


BENNINGTON A Browning Place man is facing a charge of cruelty to animals after police said he kicked a 3-month-old puppy across a room and fractured its left rear leg.

Chad Erno, 20, of Bennington, pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge in Bennington District Court on Tuesday.

In an affidavit, Bennington Police Officer William DiNunzio said he was sent to investigate a possible case of cruelty to animals on July 28.

DiNunzio said he had spoken to Monika Kinney, of Bennington, at West Mountain Animal Hospital in Bennington.

Kinney told police she had taken the 3-month-old beagle-poodle mix named Marley to the animal hospital for treatment.

According to the affidavit, DiNunzio saw the puppy at West Mountain and took photos of what appeared to be an injured left rear leg.

On July 29, veterinarian Dr. Robert Bergman told police that Marley's left rear leg was fractured and would require pins to heal properly. Bergman said the complexity of the injury led to the transfer of Marley to Upstate Veterinary Specialties in Latham, N.Y.

Marley required about $2,000 to $2,500 in treatment, according to the affidavit.

DiNunzio said Kinney provided a written statement that said she took possession of Marley after getting a call from a mother of one of the owners about a "puppy with an injury."

Kinney said Kristin Galipeau, who co-owns the dog with Erno, told her Marley was injured on July 25.

"The puppy was screaming. (Galipeau) asked (Erno) what he did. He stated to her he kicked the dog across the room because it peed on the floor," Kinney wrote in her statement.

DiNunzio said he got a written statement from Galipeau at the Browning Place address on July 28.

Galipeau said Erno "spank(ed) the puppy and tossed him into the dog's sleeping area," according to the affidavit.

"(Erno) said he didn't mean to hurt him as badly as he did. It was completely accidental and I know he feels terrible," Galipeau wrote.

DiNunzio said Erno came to the Bennington Police Station on July 28 and gave a written statement.

"Friday July 25, my dog had peed on the floor so I spanked his butt. I have done this before and tossed him into his sleeping area. I think he had landed wrong. When I went back in there, he was limping on his left back leg. I looked in and saw a small grate. I think he twisted his leg when he fell onto it," he wrote.

Erno was released from custody on Tuesday without bail, but under a condition that he not possess any animals.

Police said Erno has a criminal history in Vermont and pending charges.

DiNunzio said on Tuesday evening that Marley was in the custody of Kinney of West Mountain Animal Hospital and was home from the hospital recovering.

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