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Duprey in Court to Answer to Charges of Animal Cruelty

Posted on Apr 11, 2011 - 6:24 PM
By Daniel Staples
Staff Writer - Published: April 1, 2011

BARRE — Victor Duprey, of East Montpelier, was in Barre criminal court Thursday to answer to charges of animal cruelty.

Scott Williams, Duprey’s attorney, argued that the indictment was not brought within seven days following the completion of a forfeiture
proceeding that was held in December. Because of that issue, no plea was entered.

The statute, which Williams read in court, outlines when criminal charges regarding animal cruelty cases can be brought forth when there
are also civil proceedings.

Williams has until April 18 to file a motion citing his concerns about the statute, which outlines how the criminal aspect of the case has been brought forth.

In November, police executed search warrants at the Duprey residence and seized five cats and 12 dogs.

In a December proceeding, Duprey decided to drop his fight for the return of dogs seized by police, despite the belief of his attorney that the animals had been taken unreasonably.

Duprey’s animals were seized after an undercover investigation by a Central Vermont Humane Society volunteer.

The animals, most of which were retired breeding dogs, mainly suffered from matted fur and dental problems.

Despite Williams’ concerns about the indictment, the court ordered that Duprey find an alternative home for the one cat that remained in
his home while the case moved forward.

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