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Dog Survives 3 Weeks Inside Freezing cold Car

Posted on Feb 16, 2009 - 4:24 PM
Dog Survives 3 Weeks Inside Freezing Cold Car As Owner Flies Off On A Trip
Friday January 16, 2009 Staff
He was already small, and he's even smaller now. But at least he's still alive.

A miniature poodle has been found alive after a startling incident in Vermont with a distinctly Canadian connection. And now officials are trying to figure out if the man believed responsible did it on purpose or by accident.

Pascal Bellon of Quebec drove his van across the border last month ago and parked it at the Burlington, Vt. airport garage, before grabbing a flight. The car sat unnoticed in the lot for three long weeks until something attracted the attention of a passerby - a bizarre odour that seemed to be emanating from the inside of the vehicle.

Authorities were called to investigate and were stunned by what they found - Michou, the 12-year-old pet, had somehow been left in that car without food, water or shelter for 19 days. The car was filled with excrement and the dog was in dire shape, lying listlessly on a blanket in the back seat.

But incredibly, he was still alive, although he'd lost half of his body weight, down to just 9 lbs. from his original 25 lbs. healthy heft.

The animal was extremely weak and veterinarians were forced to feed him very slowly over fear a full meal would overwhelm his damaged digestive system.

Bellon took off on his journey on December 18th and didn't get back until Wednesday night. The Good Samaritan noticed the smell on January 6th, when little Michou was finally rescued from his very small and very cold prison.

When Bellon finally arrived back to claim his car, police and animal control officials were waiting. The 50-year-old owner insists he's stunned by what happened and claims he wasn't aware the dog was inside the car.

He's been given a $100 fine, will have to pay for all the vet bills rung up in his absence and has been forced to give up the dog.

But he can't be charged with animal cruelty because under Vermont law, authorities have to be able to prove intent, and the owner insists it was an accident.

The dog is now with a foster family and is said to be thriving.

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