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Northeast Kingdom Man Charged with Shooting Dog

Posted on Jan 28, 2009 - 3:30 PM
Caleonia Record
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEK Man Charged With Shooting Dog

Robin Smith
Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEWPORT CITY - A Brownington man has been charged after police said he shot his neighbor's dog last fall.

Gerald Davignon Sr., 61, pleaded innocent in Orleans District Court last week to cruelty to animals and causing a fatality, records show.

Judge Walter M. Morris Jr. released Davignon on condition that he not contact or harass his neighbor, Bobbi Jo Roberts, her children and another neighbor, Seth Rowell, records show.

Orleans District Court

Davignon admitted to shooting a dog belonging to Roberts on Oct. 14, 2008, according to an affidavit by Orleans County deputy sheriff Ken Richardson. He also threatened to kill the neighbor's cats as well, Richardson said.

Jeanine Davignon, 56, called police that afternoon to say that her husband shot the dog after it attacked her, Richardson said.

Police responded to find the dead dog about 75 feet away from the Davignon home on Old Stone House Road. Gerald Davignon said that he shot the dog with a 30-30 rifle and then killed it by shooting it in the head twice with a 22 rifle. Davignon told Richardson he did not want to shoot it.

He blamed Rowell for allowing his dogs to bark and harass him and his wife, Richardson said. He also threatened to kill the rest of the dogs owned by Rowell and cats as well.

The Davignons also told deputies that they had complained before and had shown a deputy bite marks, which was disputed by the deputy, Richardson said.

Witness Lorrie Ann Judd said she saw Gerald Davignon swat at the dog with a stick, appearing to lure it to his property, Richardson said.

Davignon said he had a right to shoot a dog that came on his property, Richardson said. He also said that he would rather go to jail than pay a fine, Richardson said.

Davignon has no criminal record.

Orleans County Deputy State's Attorney Joseph Malgeri offered a plea deal of a $500 fine to Davignon at his arraignment Jan. 20. Davignon did not accept the deal.

Davignon filed a letter with the court saying that the case was not investigated properly.

The maximum penalty for killing another person's pet is no more than one year in prison, up to a fine of $1,000, or both.

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