How can YOU make a Difference?

Support Your Local Animal Shelter

Your financial support to your local agency can help offset the large costs involved with conducting cruelty investigations in your community. You can also foster animals being held as "evidence" in court cases or volunteer your time at the facility. Click here to find your nearest animal shelter or rescue organization.

Support the Vermont Animal Cruelty Task Force

Your donation to the Task Force will help fund the many state-wide programs that we offer to combat animal cruelty throughout Vermont, including our emergency assistance fund for the direct care of animals seized in cruelty investigations. Click here to find out how you can make a donation.

Talk to Your Municipal Officials

Let your local elected officials know that animal cruelty is a serious offense and that you support their efforts to fully investigate complaints. Offer to help them by putting them in touch with the Task Force and the many resources it provides.

Start a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program for Animals

Violence is violence, whether the victim is a person or an animal. If you already have a neighborhood crime watch program or a similar anti-violence coalition in your community, ask them to look for signs that animals are being abused. Where there is animal cruelty, there may be other forms of violence such as spousal abuse, child abuse or elder abuse. If your neighborhood does not have such a program, you can start your own - click here to find out how.

Join Our State Legislative Action Alert Team

Animals are sometimes in living situations that are far from perfect, but not necessarily illegal. The actions that humane agents can take to intervene on an animal's behalf are limited to what the law will allow. This is why advocating for stronger animal cruelty laws is so vital to making positive changes for both pets and pet owners in Vermont. There is one simple way you can help: by adding your name and your voice to the Vermont Legislative Action Alert Team, coordinated by the New England Regional Office of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). By agreeing to contact your elected state government officials when key "animal legislation" is pending, you can help with efforts to strengthen Vermont's animal welfare laws. Sign-up online or simply email with your name and email address and we'll notify you about upcoming bills affecting animals.

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